Today my blog turns 2, time to reflect.

So 2014, you just flew by!
I thought for this post I would recap on what happened in 2014. See what happened in 2013 here.

- Featured on Polished TV home page.
- Had a shoot for Company Magazine! See the vlog here.
- Got to meet so many bloggers at the Missguided event. See a vlog here.

- Blog turned 1.
- Reached 30K on Instagram, 29K on YouTube.
- Attended London Edge and Pure London Trade shows see vlog.
- Was filmed and interviewed by ZDF German Television see vlog.
- Attended London Fashion Week see vlog.
- Was on the Cover and had two pages inside of Company Magazine.
- Was on Missguided's Home page.
- Got a new tattoo see vlog.
- Had a casting for a brand.

- Shot Blakely's new clothing range see vlog.
- Company Magazine featured my vlog of our shoot on their website.
- Saw Bombay Bicycle Club.
- Shot Baia's new collection see vlog.
- Started working with American Apparel!

- Shot with Company Magazine again see vlog.
- Filmed with Westfield Stratford City.
- Attended Abandon Ship Apparel's store opening.
- Attended Motel Rocks blogger event.
- See vlog for this month here.

- Attended Norwich Lush social event.
- Was spotted in Vogue Brazil Magazine.
- Attended Boohoo press day.
- Attended Topshop event.
- Photoshoot with Ax Paris in Manchester.
- Saw Miley Cyrus.
- Met Finn Jones from GAME OF THRONES!
- I was nominated for Best Personal Style Blog for Company Blogger awards.
- See the month's vlog here.

- Attended Very's blogger event.
- Attended Jarrolds' Blogger event.
Wrote an article which featured in Okay!, New & Star magazine.
- Attended Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards.
- Met FunforLouis! 
- Attended 5 press days in one day.
- Started facials at Uandyourskin.
- Attended Dr Martens event.
- Reached 50K on Instagram.
See this month in this vlog.

- Interviewed Michelle Keegan, interview here.
- Collaborated with Urban Outfitters.
- Spotted in Italian Grazia Magazine.
- Shot Baia's new collection.
- Had 5 inches cut off my hair.
- Went to LoveBox festival with Boohoo.
- Filmed one of my favourite videos, summer lookbook.
See this month in this vlog.

- Attended Missguided's blogger event.
- Turned 25.
- Went to Harry Potter Studios.
- Attended Jarrolds' Blogger event.
- Private screening with Urban Decay of Pulp Fiction for their new collection launch.
- See this month in this vlog.

- Met Fearne Cotton at her collection event see vlog.
- First time visiting Cardiff.
- London Fashion week see vlog.

- Featured on Primark's home page for my Velcro rollers hair tutorial.
- Went to Barcelona with Stradivarius see vlog.
- Dinner with Missguided for their new Nicole launch see vlog.
- Photoshoot with Motel Rocks for my own dress, buy it in red & black. See vlog.
- Witch skincare event, met lots of new bloggers/youtubers see vlog.
- Saw Nick Mulvey.
- Gleam Halloween Party, met the whole gang see vlog.
- Reached 100K on Instagram.

- Attended Boohoo Christmas Blogger event.
- Kardashian Hairfinity event.
- Motel Blogger party, our blogger dresses launch! See blog post.
- Very party at the OXO Tower, see blog post.
- Photoshoot with Ax Paris in Manchester.
- Saw James Bay.
- Urban Outfitters blogger event.
- Bloody Mary Metal Blogger event.
- See the month in this vlog.

- Primark press day.
- Interviewed Pixie Lott, see it here.
- Did a mini meet up and met some of you guys!
Made my Vlog channel.
Filmed my first proper makeup video, see here.
- See this month in this vlog.

I just read through my previous post reflecting 2013 and it's crazy just how much more I've achieved in 2014. I've grown so much on my platforms, I've been able to meet so many bloggers and youtubers I've been following over time which I now get to consider as friends. I've met lots of you guys, I've flown to different cities, I know have my own dress and bag I've designed. If someone said this would all be happening to me 2 years ago I would have laughed at them. Then I was a bit lost with what I wanted to be doing. Now I'm so happy and I'm doing something I love so much.

A big thank you for all your support, without you guys I wouldn't be able to do these kinds of things. I'm so excited for 2015, already it's been amazing!

I especially want to thank my parents, without their support in my first year I really wouldn't be doing what I am doing now. Thank you for believing in me, thank you for supporting me. I hope I'm making you proud <3

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Laura Geller Spackle Primer

First photo:
Primer c/o / FeelUnique
Topshop Lipstick "Honk" c/o FeelUnique
Foundation / Tarte
"Pretty" Lashes c/o / FoxyLocks (use "FoxyLeanne" for a free gift with your order)

Last photo:
Primer c/o / FeelUnique
Lipstick / Mac "Honey Love"
Foundation / Tarte
"Pretty" Lashes c/o / FoxyLocks (use "FoxyLeanne" for a free gift with your order)

FeelUnique now stocks Laura Geller Beauty! A name I'd not heard of personally before, but I'm keen now to try more products after using this primer!
It claims to help your makeup glow with it's added shimmer, I wasn't really that sure if it would work, I'm also a primer snob and wasn't sure how long it would makeup my makeup last.

I opted for my Tarte foundation, I adore this, but it usually doesn't last all day on me, even with my Smashbox primer so this was a test! It actually lasted longer, which I'm delighted at as this is cheaper than my everyday primer! It's £24 for 59ml of product compared to Smashbox is £25 for only 30ml. By the end of the day I was a little shiny at the sides of my nose, but I didn't mind too much.

In person I wasn't sure if my skin looked any different, but I did feel in pictures my skin looked more glowy, check the two pictures I added, I feel I look more radiant than normal, do you agree?

I love the box the primer comes in, it's so pretty with it's almost rose gold finish, the actual product doesn't look as fancy, but hey I guess that helps it be a little more affordable?

I made sure I only used a small amount at a time on my face with this primer, it glided on smoothly, I didn't feel my face looked that sparkly, it seemed it collected on my fingers anyway. I also applied my foundation with my fingers so I guess that helps make sure you use all the product :) It says this is the tinted champagne version, but it made so difference in the colour of my skin.

Have you used an Laura Geller makeup? If so which would you recommend?

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My hair history & announcement!

Going through your Facebook pictures makes you realise how much you've changed over the years!

I was never allowed to colour my hair growing up, I remember asking to go red when I was 10 as a girl at my school had and I loved the colour. But I was always encouraged to keep my hair long and to not mess with it. I on off had a fringe from the age of 7 - 11, with the rest of my hair all being one length until I was 15. For some reason I then decided to get a million layers and proceeded to hate how thin I'd made the ends of my hair!

It wasn't until I was 18 that I did anything interesting in terms with changing the colour of my hair. See picture 1. I had light brown streaks put through areas which I loved! This was when I'd moved away to Uni, this is where it all began. I think it was the freedom of not living at home, finally being of an aged considered as an adult, and I was finally allowed to do what I wanted with my own hair.

A year later I decided to have my waist length hair cut to a pixie crop, this also removed the lighter brown streaks and I was more about experimenting with style over colour. For 3 or so years I had lots of amazing styled short cuts, blunt fringes, bobs. In that time I also started colouring it red, I couldn't really achieve any other colours with my hair being so dark.

Fast forward to being 22 and I've graduated Uni, moved back home and had the urge to go pastel pink. I blame Tumblr.. I had no idea if it would suit me, I'd broken up with my boyfriend and I wanted to reinvent myself. It was a long process due to the red I'd been adding to my hair previously, with the first bleach it went bright orange! I had this for a week, then proceeded several bleaches over the course of a month or so and I was ready to go pastel pink!

Realising the actual up keep of pastel hair, I often ended up going back to platinum, for the fact it washes out so quick! I had a blue rinse, it then was the perfect white shade, I've over toned my hair and it's been grey.

I discovered extensions and played around with those too. I had 5 inches of my hair cut off last summer and wore it short for many months. Playing around with purple dyes to give my hair an ashy tone and purple ends. I've let my roots grow out, I've gone back to extensions and played around with different colour gradients. 

I just love how easy it is to change up your hair with pastel colours!

I so excited to announce I've teamed up with Schwarzkopf Live Color for their 2015 lookbook! Live and I have been planning a custom colour for a brand new look for my hair, sticking with some well loved colours, but applying them in a totally different way to have I've done in the past. I'll be keeping you updated with behind the scenes pics etc over the coming weeks and months. To see more check out

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Topshop Beauty

 Nail Varnish c/o / FeelUnique
Lip Polish in "Honk" c/o / FeelUnique
Magic Liner c/o / FeelUnique

I've use a few Topshop Beauty products in the past, I'm in love with my highlighting glow stick, lipstick in shade "All about me" and have several of their nail varnishes too, those products are all of great quality and value.

Straight away I painted my nails, clear top coat first, then off I went with this beautifully dark brown/red shade, although I cannot see a name for this colour unfortunately on the packaging! I applied two coats for the perfect streak free final colour.

I've only tried a few lipsticks by Topshop, and those were just the normal matte finishes. This was is called a lip polish, interesting name I thought. I LOVE this formula! Really pigmented, glides on smoothly, it's creamy without feeling too heavy or sticky. I really want to try more colours in this formula as it stayed so well and didn't try out my lips.

The eyeliner I've yet to try, but have heard good things! I had one once in a goodie bag but it was so try I threw it away. Reading the directions though, it says to store nip down. I do really like felt liners so I am excited to try this, I'm just quite a snob!

Have you ever tired Topshop Beauty? If so which are your favourite products?

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All Black

 Jacket / Topshop similar here
Top / Topshop similar here
Riding Pants / American Apparel
Boots / Stradivarius similar here
Bag c/o / Baia Bags
Lipstick / Mac "Twig"

I feel recently my style is changing again, perhaps it's just because this tends to happen every A/W and S/S for me, but I feel I'm being more drawn to simpler outfits, with a more chic look. If you follow my instagram you'd of seen I've not really worn colour for the past 3 months, apart from the odd party dress and disco pant. This may change as usual in the summer where I jump into wearing the usual pastel greens and other lovely colours.

I've noticed I'm re-looking through my wardrobe and feel some things aren't me anymore, and they end up on my depop. (Shameless plug, I still have lots for sale on there, shipping worldwide too, user "leannelimwalker".)

I love this outfit, very simple and flattering to my shape. I seriously am in love with my riding pants, finally something that sits high waisted on me! I've had these for almost 3 years now and own 4 different colours. I have a long body and short legs so these help balance that out. The jacket works well as it's cropped, this cut helps to show off my shape rather than skimming my waist which can make me look straight up and down. These boots are also so so comfy! I wear them all the time and they add a good bit of height to me too.

Can we take a moment for that amazing Baia bag! I'm shooting their new collection next month and I'm so excited to see their new designs. I am in love with this Dalmatian print! Love it too? Well have it made in any of their bag styles in their made to order section.

Do you feel your style has changed over the winter?

 Photos by Lydia.

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 Tea c/o Fruiteatox

After speaking to my good friend Lydia about detox teas, I had changed my original thoughts about them and was keen to try them for myself.

I'd seen all the hype over Instagram from all different brands, claiming to help with bloating, weight loss and all kinds of things. The idea of weight loss always put me off them, I by no means wish to lose any weight, I'm tiny enough naturally as it is. But speaking to Lydia I realised these teas won't make you lose weight, perhaps along side the right life style, working out, eating well and actually doing other things to lose weight. But just drinking a tea won't really do that. I'd heard also a lot of these teas don't even taste nice! 

I was approached by Fruiteatox, finally a brand who isn't pushing slimming in their brand name! I checked their reviews on their site and so many people had said great things and spoke about how nice they tasted. I made clear I was only to talk about their product after trialling it for myself.

So I've done the 14 day teatox and I really enjoyed the teas. I even asked Lydia if detox teas were something you could drink all the time as I especially liked the Lemon morning tea. I thought best to ask someone who knows these things, she said they aren't something to be drinking everyday all the time.

So every morning I made myself the lemon tea, I really really like lemon anyway and never had even thought about it as a tea. I actually looked forward to having it in the morning and making sure I had it each day with the orange tea in the evening was also making me drink more fluids, something I keep meaning to improve on.

I noticed through the day, especially whilst at work, I had more energy, could concentrate more and didn't feel lethargic as the day went on.

The orange tea you have every other evening, this doesn't smell the best I have to admit, but it doesn't taste too bad. It's nice and relaxing as it also has camomile in.

So my thoughts, as I mentioned before there was no difference in my weight, I personally do not have any problem with bloating (although I use to, turns out I should just avoid onion and now I'm fine) so noticed no change there. I did find I had more energy and my skin was great during this too.

So if you are looking for a little pick me up, and one which tastes lovely, then why not try Fruiteatox.

Have you ever tried a detox tea? 

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Michael Kors

 Coat / Primark similar here
Dress / Topshop similar here
Boots / New Look
Bag c/o / Daniel Footwear
Watch c/o / Excel Clothing
Lipstick / Mac "Twig"

 When I'm not wearing my Primark grey coat, or Whistles leather jacket I'm in this beauty. I get so many compliments for this jacket, it's such a nice style and length, people are always shocked when I say it's Primark!

I may be slow on the whole Michael Kors watch thing, but I finally got one! It's nice to have a statement, yet everyday gold watch. It also goes perfectly with my bag.

If you follow Fashion and Fitness blogger Lydia, then you should recognise the background! I went to stay at hers and shot some outfits too :) Thank you Ali for taking my pictures, even getting on the floor to shoot my boots!

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