Sunny Suburbia

 Top c/o / TIALS
Skirt c/o / Boohoo
Boots c/o / Boohoo
Fang Ring / Kasun
Nesting Rings / Meadowlark Jewellery
Lipstick / Mac Twig
Photos by Yanin

After coffee we ventured a short walk from Melrose and headed down a quiet street. A spontaneous shoot in the middle of the road, as you do! The dappled light shone through the trees, skimming the sequinned top to cast a rainbow of colours across my arms. As the top is quite a bold piece and well, doesn't have much to it, I went for a plane maxi skirt with a split down the leg, showing off nicely the buckled boots I wore too.

Now writing this post from the warmth of my bed back in England, I'm missing the heat of LA. Our lifestyle there was eating out at restaurants and cafes every day, catching Ubers everywhere and chilling with friends, whilst squeezing in some outfit shots and pictures for Instagram too of course.

This year has seen me travel to Florence, Dubai, LA and Paris so far and I don't think it will stop there. I hope to travel much more whilst I can especially as I'm meeting people who wish to travel too. Already Yanin and myself are talking of plans to go to Thailand. This year looks like the year of travel and I'm so excited!

Which places would you like to visit? 

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Down Melrose

 Jacket c/o / Boohoo
Dress c/o / Choies
Sunglasses / MiuMiu
Michael Kors Bag c/o / Daniel Footwear
Sword Necklace c/o / Bloodymarymetal
Moonstone Necklace c/o / Empty Casket
Boots c/o / Boohoo
Rings / Meadowlark Jewellery
Lipstick / Mac Twig

 Oh hai Paul Smith's pink wall! When we rocked up to shoot here, others were just leaving and more were arriving to also shoot. Quite a popular place and I can see why! Love it's pop of colour, I think it compliments my hair and Miu Miu sunglasses well. 

So I finally have some designer sunglasses! I blame Yanin for these. We were browsing duty free at Heathrow's Terminal 3 and she wanted to get some new sunnies. I fell in love with them straight away! I've always wanted their classic shape ones like Hey Claire has but they don't quite suit me unfortunately. Seems I tend to suit the more round frames. They come in the prettiest dusty pink velvet hard case. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging!

In love with the Boohoo cropped tassel jacket, feels very Coachella! Unfortunately we didn't go, so many asked if we were when we said we were going to LA, maybe next year!

The dress I got from Choies in Autumn last year, finally I was able to wear it, warning though, it's a little sheer, so I wore shorts underneath.

I loved exploring Melrose, we browsed in so many amazing stores, it boasts a lot of amazing and pricy brands. I did buy some goodies from Nars and Nasty Gal whilst there. Excited to share all the things I got whilst in LA in upcoming hauls on my main channel and a vlog too on my second channel <3

Love these shots, can tell I had such a good time as even on Instagram there's lots of me smiling and clowning around. I'm like this all the time IRL, I do know though this doesn't always show online. I often give off chronic bitch face vibes aha. Makes such a difference when you're going round with someone else who understands social media and doesn't mind snapping pictures of you here there and everywhere!

Photos by Yanin

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LA Paradise

 Dress / American Apparel
Hat & Shoes / Primark
Skull ring c/o / The Rogue and Wolf
Bone ring c/o / Bloody Mary Metal
Moonstone ring c/o / Druzy Dreams
Lipstick / Mac Twig

So if you do not follow my social media, you may not know that I'm currently in LA! Yesterday we had a little impromptu shoot at the roof top pool in the beautiful evening sun. Here I was going for tropicana holiday vibes, completely in love with the cut of this American Apparel dress, beautifully form fitting, not too short and just look at that print!

Can you believe those sandals are Primark! Only £14 too, I think they look much more expensive due to their minimal classic looking design.

Have any of you been to LA? Any recommendations of things to do whilst I'm here?

Photos by my friend Grace.

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Pink to purple ombre with LIVE

Some of you may have already seen the Schwarzkopf LIVE color XXL adverts on TV featuring myself and some other bloggers. It's so surreal seeing yourself on TV, and I couldn't be happier that it's sponsoring New Girl as that's one of my favourite shows! This has got to be one of the most exciting things I've done and the reception from those who have seen it already has been amazing. I even got my Dad into watching New Girl just so he could see me in the ad breaks. Thank you to all those that have tweeted me, left comments on my Instagram and Youtube saying you've spotted me!

I really love this look as it combined my two recent colours into a new fresh ombre look. Have you ever tried any of the LIVE Ultra brights? They can be made pastel so easily! Upload your looks here. I'm excited to see what you guys come up with!

If you've not see the adverts, I've linked down to them below. See me swoosh around my pink to purple ombre hair!
View my advert here.

1st group advert, view it here.

2nd group advert, view it here.

This post was kindly sponsored by Schwarzkopf

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Coloured hair, don't care

Well we couldn't just do only the one shoot together, if you missed the last shoot, you can see it here.

Armed with my photographer friend Oscar, we roamed around different locations, strutted, posed and laughed together. It felt so relaxed and was a lot of fun, I haven't shot that many times in a group of people, but I felt it made it easier as there were others to interact with. Sometimes when it's just me posing around I'm at a loss with what to do! You can check out my singular outfit shots here.

Which you are your favourite shots?

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Studded chic

 Leather Jacket / Hannah Beth Fincham
Top, Jeans & bag c/o / Boohoo
Boots c/o / Stradivarius
Necklace & Fang ring / Kasun London
Stack ring / Meadowlark Jewellery
Full finger ring c/o / The Rogue & Wolf
Lipstick / Mac Russian Red
Nail Varnish / Nails Inc
Photos by Oscar

Rewind a few weeks back to day 2 of London Fashion week, a quieter day for me, checking out lots of jewellery and meeting some designers, my jewellery game was strong that day to reflect this!

Another amazing jacket by the talented Hannah Beth Fincham, imagine adding that many studs by hand! No wonder they take her months to make! I love how it edges up this simple chic outfit. 

I just adore that clutch bag, I had so many people ask me where it was from, they were pleasantly surprised when I said Boohoo!

Would you rock a studded jacket? How would you style one?

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